Stocks of A4 paper size are readily available and commonly used in the office. These supplies are not only handy for printing and writing requirements, they can also be used for various projects as well. Sending letters through the mail requires the use of envelopes, but when these supplies run out A4 paper size can readily be used as replacement. It only takes a few steps to make envelopes with A4 paper size.

To get started, the A4 paper size must be divided into three sections. The two lower sections of an A4 paper size in its vertical orientation must be of equal size, while the upper part must be smaller to make the flap of the envelope. The user can simply measure one inch from the upper portion of the A4 paper size to make the flap and simply fold the remaining paper in half crosswise to prevent any errors. Proceed by measuring a fourth of an inch on both sides of the uppermost and lowermost part of the paper, leaving out the middle part as it is. Using a ruler, make a line with pencil and trim off the same with scissors. Fold the lower part of the A4 paper size towards the middle part of the paper.

Close off the A4 paper size by folding over the edges of the middle paper inwards. This will create the pocket where the letter will be inserted. Glue the edges with a glue stick and allow the adhesive to dry. Once the A4 paper size envelope is fully dried, fold the upper part of the paper down towards the pocket to seal off the paper envelope. The A4 paper size can now be used to send letters when there are no envelopes available in the office.

Sending letters in the office is a daily requirement to correspond with various individuals and companies the office is doing business with. When envelopes are not available, the use of A4 paper size which is widely available in the office can be folded together to act as mailing supplies. These items can be a great alternative when mailing supplies are out of stock and letters need to be sent out immediately.

There are a few tips to remember when using these supplies for envelopes. First, make use of higher density A4 paper size to ensure that the letter is fully protected while in transit. Working with a thin sheet of A4 paper size allows the letter inside to easily be seen and is not recommended; particularly for confidential correspondences. If there are no available higher densities of paper in the office, envelope liners can be used for a unique and well protected letter.

It is also important to take note of the letter’s size to be sent. Make the necessary adjustments on folds to ensure the letter can fit inside perfectly without too much folding involved. When gluing A4 paper size stocks, make sure to be very neat with the process and add only the right amount of adhesive onto the paper. The A4 paper size is more likely to wrinkle if there is too much glue, and will tend to come loose when there is too little added on.

Make sure that there is no spilled glue inside the A4 paper size envelope. This can stick to the letter and damage the same. Following these tips can ensure perfect envelopes from A4 paper size supplies.

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